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Alpaca Expeditions is based in Cusco Peru and was created by an ex-porter and tour guide for the Inka Trail and other adventure trekking tours. Raul Ccolque was born in one of the highland Andean villages where he had a difficult life growing up. After his studies, he created this company to give something back to his community and other villages as well. Since Alpaca Expeditions has been open we have done many different social projects in benefit of the Andean people and children, as well as practicing sustainable tourism. We don’t only do social projects, we also take good care of the porters who work for our company by paying them much better than average wages, supplying health and life insurance, and always respecting the state and national laws written for the porters (which is not always the case with some other companies). We also help the villages, especially in assisting with the children’s needs – such as providing hygiene supplies every 3 months, providing computers, books and other educational necessities and even teachers for their schools.

It would be really hard for us to give back to them without the help of our clients that choose and trust us to take them on their journey’s. We don’t just provide great services for you but your money also goes to support our Social Projects for the benefit of the villages and children. By choosing and traveling with Alpaca Expeditions you are part of the many and wonderful social projects that our company is creating and supporting.

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The Rusty Pixel

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The Rusty Pixel is based in Rockledge, Florida USA and specializes in web design, logo and print design (such as business cards and flyers). Founded in 2006 by Rusty Rayner, The Rusty Pixel has clients located all around the world and prides itself on offering quality work with outstanding customer service. The Rusty Pixel’s primary business is website development; especially 100% custom designed WordPress CMS sites, e-commerce solutions, mobile-friendly responsive web design and more.

In 2013, Rusty took the Classic Inca Trail trek with Alpaca Expeditions which was lead by guide and founder, Raul. Even though Rusty had traveled to over 30 countries, this trip to Peru and especially the trek to Machu Picchu, was among the most memorable adventures he had ever experienced. Upon returning home, Rusty spent hours both researching and creating the custom map of the Classic Inca Trail. The stylized map was designed to look old, hand-drawn and heavily worn, as if carried along with Hiram Bingham when he first discovered Machu Picchu in 1911.

Initially the map was intended only for a personal custom photo book of the trip and trek but it was shared with Bonnie at Alpaca Expeditions who loved it. She proposed a partnership to sell the map and use 10% of the profit for social programs for the porters of Alpaca Expeditions and their families. Having been on the trek, Rusty knew how hard the porters worked and their importance to the overall experience and enjoyment of the trip. So he agreed and this website is the result of this partnership. We hope you purchase your own copy of the Classic Inca Trail map which you can enjoy for years to come.

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