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The Inca Trail map is printed on HP photo paper so it will pop. Choose between either high-gloss or semi-gloss coating. The high-gloss brings out the colors in the map. The semi-gloss has a soft shine, which cuts down glare. 10% of all profits go directly towards social projects for the porters of Alpaca Expeditions and their families, learn more.

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Free shipping anywhere in the USA. International shipping is available (contact us for pricing). Once you have placed you order, your new map should be printed and delivered to you in about 10 days (including weekends). Please be patient if shipping during or over a holiday as it may take longer.

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Coasting: Choose either high-gloss or semi-gloss.

Customize +$15 (optional): Add custom text to your map (like your trekking dates, name or whatever). We normally add your custom text to the top right of the map (above the compass rose) but other placement options are available. Make sure to include any special notes or requests about your custom text so we can get it perfect for you. It is very important that you triple-check the spelling and the accuracy of any other information you provide us, because once it is printed we cannot change. We are not responsible if you provide us with incorrect spelling or information!

Choose from 4 available sizes:

Custom sizes are available: Please contact us for more information.

Size Width Height
Small 10-inch (25.4cm) 8-inch (20.32cm)
Medium 14-inch (35.56cm) 11-inch (27.94cm)
Large 20-inch (50.8cm) 16-inch (40.64cm)
X-Large 24-inch (60.96cm) 20-inch (50.8cm)

Other Information

Please note that map is art and is NOT intended to be used for navigation or as a guide. This is a general map of the preferred and standard Classic Inca Trail however your trek may vary from what is shown on the map. Your actual route, stops, campsites, days, etc may have been different from what is depicted on the map. A great deal of research went into this map to make it as accurate as possible but some locations, trail path, distances, elevations, etc may be estimates and should not be taken as fact. If you opt for custom text please remember that we are not responsible if you provide us with incorrect spelling or inaccurate information!